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Chrome & Metal Polish

Product Details:

Chrome and Metal Polish is the go to product for bringing back life to all the metal surfaces. The product is a specialist in bringing back the showroom look to all the metal surfaces with “seemingly” permanent stains, rust, oxidization or discoloring.


  • Chrome and Metal Polish and Rust Remover gives brilliant mirror shine in seconds. Product is uniquely formulated for cleaning and polishing all type of metals. It also helps in removing rust and oxidation from surface and restores its luster. 
  • Restore Lusture, Removes Oxidation and Rust 
  • Makes Chrome new like factory fresh 
  • Just apply, rub and wipe with cloth. 
  • Works great on all types of metallic surfaces 
  • Gives brilliant mirror like shine, never seen before.
Country of Origin Made in India
Packaging Type HDPE Can
Packaging Size 50 Ltrs
Suitable Chrome and Metal Surface
Colour White
Brand Wyko
Shelf Life 36 Months    
Product Form Ready to use & Concentrates 

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