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Established in 2015, WaveX Auto Care has gone on to become a personal favorite of every vehicle washing center, auto detailer and DIY car care enthusiast across the Indian Subcontinent. WaveX Auto Care offers its users a selection from an extremely vast range of auto care and detailing products such as shampoos, polishes, waxes, dressers, cleaners, polishing/ rubbing compounds, microfiber cloths, foam applicators, washing/ detailing accessories, car care kits, dual action polishers and much more furthermore, WaveX also offers its customers an opportunity to purchase its range of premium home care products such as glass cleaning concentrates, all purpose cleaning gels, floor cleaners, dish wash liquid etc. WaveX Auto Care's products can be viewed/ found/ purchased online from its official website www.wavex.in or from its Amazon or Flipkart Brand Stores. WaveX Auto Care products are shipped across the entirety of India which has in turn positively impacted and changed the lives of millions!
Launched in May 2021 with a vision of providing professional auto acre and detailing products at economical rates, Truwax aims at becoming a trusted and reliable brand in the auto detailing industry. With a state of the art manufacturing plant in North-India, Truwax products presently cover a complete interior & exterior maintenance segment. Its products consist of car wash shampoos, waxes, tyre polishes, multi surface spray polishes, dashboard polishes and rubbing compounds that are available in multiple pack sizes.
By providing excellent auto care products at extremely economical prices, we aim to cater to the needs of businesses such as professional vehicle washing and detailing centers along with DIY (do it yourself) car care enthusiasts that are passionate about detailing and would like to preserve their beloved vehicle's interior and exterior components.
Another subsidiary of Jangra Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, Wyko's inception came in the year 2008. Wyko's range of products have been specially developed and manufactured for businesses that are keen on purchasing premium quality home care and auto care products in bulk quantities at extremely economical rates for the purpose of personal use or reselling. Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Resorts, Offices, Factories, Places of Worship and many other institutions have been purchasing Wyko's range of products that include floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dish wash liquids, glass cleaners, room fresheners, tyre polish gels, rubbing compounds, waxes and much more. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase these products in 50 ltr pack sizes. At Wyko, buyers are provided with the opportunity to request for samples before the actual purchase of its products.
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