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Kitchen Cleaner

Product Details:

Kitchen Cleaner Liquid helps to protect your family from harmful foodborne illness. It is not just a cleaner but also a degreaser. Kitchen Cleaner Liquid can be used on kitchen surfaces including worktops, tiles, sinks etc. Removes tough grease and grime and leaves surfaces sparkling clean with fresh lemon fragrance. It gives more brilliants and streak free surface, which stays cleaner for longer.


  • Gives you a sparkling, clear & spotless surfaces. 
  • One step cleaner for your kitchen. 
  • Powerful cleaner and degreaser. 
  • Spray and wipe cleaner. 
  • Safe to use on metals, plastic prevents flash rusting on cleaned metal Suitable on most common kitchen surfaces such as countertops, sinks, stovetops, cabinets etc. 
Country of Origin  Made in India
Packaging Type HDPE Can
Packaging Size 50 Ltr
Application Kitchen Cleaning 
Appearance Transparent 
Brand Wyko
Shelf Life 36 Months
Grades Available Super Premium 
Product Form Ready to use

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