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Rubbing Compounds

Product Details:

Rubbing Compound Hard Cut is high-performance compound leads the field in the removal of sanding marks by lengths. Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating. High performance finish thanks to the latest polishing technologies with divisible polishing grit.


  • Wyko 2K Rubbing Compound offers an optimum combination with the removal of sanding marks and gloss production on automotive clear coats 
  • Removes Scratches Oxidation and Paint Defects 
  • Medium Cut + Polish Works best both with manual and machine use. 
  • Can also be used for rubbing to any PU paint surface
Country of Origin Made in India
Packaging Type HDPE Can
Packaging Size 50 Ltr
Application Painted Metallic Surface
State Semi Solid
Brand Wyko
Shelf Life 36 Months
Product Form Ready to use

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