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Coloured Foam Wash Shampoo

Product Details:

Coloured Foam Car Wash shampoo is heavy duty car washing concentrate for generating colored snow like dense foam.

  • A high foaming vehicle wash shampoo that is ‘foam cannon’ compatible. Produces thick foam.
  • Cleans and shines vehicles. Effortlessly removes dirt, grime and stains.
  • Make your foam wash a ‘fun wash’ by creating new foam colours while mixing shampoo solutions together.

For Manual Use: Pour approx. 5ml of car foam shampoo in 2 litres of water. Apply on wet vehicle with sponge or towel. Wash the vehicle with water and dry with soft cloth.

For Foam Cannon: All you need to do is add 100ml of this shampoo to a foam cannon and fill it with 900 ml water i.e, a 1:9 ratio and generously apply it to your vehicle’s exterior. Leave it onto the surface of your vehicle and allow it to seep down your vehicle’s surface. This will allow it to take down dirt, dust or grime that comes in its path along with it. Later, thoroughly rinse off the vehicle’s surface using a high pressure washer. Use a WaveX Microfiber cloth to dry your vehicle’s surface.

Country of Origin Made in India
Packaging Type HDPE Can
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Application Car Washing
Compatible with  Foam Lance Machine
Brand Wyko
Shelf Life 36 Months    
Grades Available  Economical, Premium & Super Premium
Product Form Ready to use & Concentrates 

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